FinTrade Energy was formed on the firm understanding that energy is essential to the development and growth of any sector on the African continent. With Fintrade Energy, access to cleaner energy is very much a priority and a major health factor to lives across the continent. FinTrade Energy is committed to better serving the needs of its customers, allowing customers meet their energy needs with our environment in mind . We strongly believe that lifestyles can be improved immensely by choosing cleaner energy for homes and businesses. Our organisation is a strong advocator for customers to change their energy consumption patterns to alternative sources of energy that include LPG and solar technology.


LPG Appliances and Accessories

We supply various appliances from gas stoves to accessories. We are always upgrading our ever expanding product range with new products that compliment each other reducing your electricity bill and as a cleaner source of energy.

Solar Technology and Appliances

Fintrade Energy in promoting clean energy deals in solar appliances, solar inverters, controllers, pumps, panels, batteries and various solar related products.

Off Grid Solutions

Our off grid power solutions provide a renewable clean energy source that is more economical than traditional fossil fuel options. Fintrade Energy endeavours to provide flexible and compatible solutions for your energy independence.