FinTrade Metals is a diversified resource business involved in trading, mining and development of metals and mineral resources. FinTrade Metals endeavours to identify and develop resource assets with significant potential whilst trading in metals and minerals in the African, Asian and European markets. FinTrade Metals has a view of becoming a low-cost supplier of minerals to industrial and technology markets worldwide.


We market a diverse range of metals from third parties that include Copper, Gold and Zinc. We source and market metals from our global supplier base.


Fintrade Metals aims to produce and market ores through acquisition of assets and through third party arrangements. We are able to supply Copper Ore, Cobalt, Nickel, Manganese and Zinc.


Fintrade Metals actively sources and markets metals and minerals from our global supplier base to industrial and technology markets. Our marketing is highly dependent on our broad base of suppliers, metals and minerals.